The Right Posture and Your Face

Correct Posture and Your Face

The Right Posture and Your Face

The Right Posture and Your Face

A beautiful posture always catches attention. Moreover, studies have shown that people are more attracted to a person with the right posture. Subconsciously, our brain perceives the right posture as an attribute of self-confidence, health and wealth.


How Your Posture Determines the Way Your Face Looks

You may agree that the right posture is a symbol of the beauty standard, but you are still wondering what the relationship between your posture and your face is. Well, there is a very strong one. In fact, before embarking on facial correction, you should first correct your posture. This is what we call “one step before starting Face Shaping.

Although it is hard to believe, almost all problems with your face are associated with improper posture. Improper neck position and tilted front shoulders cause muscle strain in the back of the neck and upper back. And it gets worse when you keep looking down at your phone or tablet for a long time.

The muscles behind the neck are shortened, and the fibrous tissue, which is located at the top of our head, called the galea aponeurotica, pushes down the skin of the face. Here we are – the double chin, sagging skin, deep nasolabial folds and wrinkles on the neck.

As if this is not enough, because of the constant tension in the back and neck, blood circulation is also slowed down. Therefore, the lymphatic system cannot remove accumulated toxins from the face and neck in time, which leads to swelling of the face. Thus, poor posture will only worsen your eye bags.


Wrong Posture Makes You Look Older

You can “estimate” someone’s age, even before you see his face. This is due to the ability of our brain to determine age depending on the posture of a person, the position of his neck and body movement.

You may have noticed that people who have correct posture can walk more elegantly and energetically. And also, they tend to look younger than their age. Yes, they also look more attractive! It’s obvious why a woman with proper posture with a pushed up breast will attract appreciative glances from the passers-by. Even a coat will fall better on a straight posture.


Poor Posture and Your Health

One fact that cannot be ignored is that in addition to appearance, posture determines your health, both physical and mental. It’s not accidentally said – “A healthy spine is a key to good health.”

Poor posture and a crooked spine will cause spasms in your muscles, leading to soreness and body pain. This may result in a depressive mood and low energy level, which also affects your mental health.


Exercise to Instantly Correct Your Posture

In the hope that the above arguments were convincing enough for you to be more aware of your posture, here is a simple and effective exercise to instantly correct your posture:

  • In a standing position, relax your body, straighten your back and let your hands down.
  • Turn your shoulders back four times, keeping the body and head straight
  • Now rotate your shoulders forward four times without moving your body.
  • Repeat this exercise three times.



During the day, try to pay attention to your posture, as well as other habits that can sabotage your efforts to achieve your desired face. Each time you catch yourself in the wrong position, do the exercise above as often as needed. Be patient and forgiving with yourself because it may take several weeks until you are able to maintain the correct posture. But once you get there, your efforts will definitely pay off!

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