Face Shaping Massage: The 10-minute daily facial workout


17 Steps for a Glowing & Youthful Face

Face Shaping massage is designed as a step-by-step guide to a 10-minute daily facial workout.

Facial muscles and the overlying skin reflect the facial appearance. We are all aware of the importance of body training, but keep ignoring our face.

Face Shaping is a “facial workout” at home, which combines muscle training with lymphatic drainage of the face and neck. Two rollers are used to massage the face, but since the rhythmic movements are much faster than classic massage, it is a real facial workout. If you perform this method consistently, the facial skin will lift, small lines will be diminished, and your complexion will be glowing.

Each step has easy-to-follow instructions with pictures that explain the movements.




Face Shaping is a rapid massage, performed on the face and neck with two facial rollers. It is also known as a facial workout because unlike a regular massage the motions are rhythmic and faster and target the 57 facial muscles.

Besides working on the muscles of the skin to “train them” into giving you the desired appearance, Face Shaping goes one step further and promotes lymphatic drainage. Which reduces puffiness and evens your skin tone.



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