How to Use a Jade Roller and the Benefits of Using One

How to Massage Face with Jade Roller

How to Use a Jade Roller and the Benefits of Using One

How to Use a Jade Roller and the Benefits of Using One

It is remarkable that the current trend in skincare is to delay and even avoid invasive procedures. This has led to the widening of the range of tools used in skincare. So, if you are looking for an effective method and tools to add to your beauty regimen, you may come across the jade roller.

Although jade rollers have become popular in recent years, they have been a key element in the Chinese skincare routine since the 7th century. 

But what is a jade roller? How do you use a jade roller, and what are the benefits of using one?


What is a Jade Roller and the Benefits of Using One

First thing first, let’s talk about what a jade roller is. This is a handheld tool made of jade that is used to massage your face. Regular use of it increases the blood circulation and improves the lymphatic drainage in your face and neck, which leads to reduced swelling and assures you a healthy and even skin tone. Moreover, it contributes to deeper penetration of skincare products.

Although the jade roller is most often spoken of, you can find rollers made of many other different stones. And each of them is believed to have specific power and benefits. For example, a jade roller is considered a soothing and calming stone, which is great for irritated skin. It is believed that a rose quartz stone promotes self-love and attracts the love and respect of others, while the tiger’s eye is more suitable for those who are looking for new ideas, inspiration and business success. 

Therefore, whether you are only looking for the benefits that these rollers can bring you as a face massage tool, or if you also want to benefit from the properties of the stone, this is your own choice.


How to Use a Jade Roller 

Face Massage LinesLet’s move on to the most exciting part of this topic, how to use a jade roller for best results. Before using it, make sure that you wash your face and apply a moisturizer or face oil. The same applies to your roller. Keep it clean; you don’t want dirt to penetrate deep into your skin, only the beneficial ingredients of your skincare products. If you want to improve lymphatic drainage and reduce swelling of your face quickly, you can cool the roller in the fridge for at least 10 minutes.   

Now that you’ve completed all of the above, roll your jade roller back and forth all over your face. However, since it is a massage tool, it is not recommended to use it randomly. There must be some directions to follow. Otherwise, you will harm your face and not improve it. As a general guide, move the roller back and forth following the massage lines, as shown in the picture below. 

But if you would like to use a structured program and make the most of your jade roller, you can use Face Shaping Massage. By performing this technique, you will not only improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, but you will also be able to train your facial muscles. Face Shaping Massage is designed as a step-by-step guide you can add to your daily routine and consists of 17 quick, targeted movements.

 If you regularly perform this method, your skin will lift, small lines and wrinkles will decrease, and your complexion will become radiant. In addition, it will help you get a V-shaped face with a contoured jawline and prominent cheekbones, which is so much appreciated nowadays. You can do this massage in the morning or the evening after applying skincare products at any time convenient for you. 

An example of ​​how to perform one of the steps in this technique is displayed below.

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