How to Do a Face Massage at Home

How to Do a Face Massage at Home 1

How to Do a Face Massage at Home

How to Do a Face Massage at Home

If you’ve had the opportunity to feel the divine pleasure and relaxation of a facial massage will surely repeat it whenever the opportunity arises. So, can you do a face massage at home? And why is it so appreciated by everyone?

The Benefits of Facial Massage

Although it is so popular nowadays, facial massage is a procedure practiced since ancient times. It is true that at that time, only the aristocracy could afford this.

Since then, people have realized that in addition to well-being, facial massage has many other benefits, such as:

  • Improvement of the lymphatic system, thus accelerating the elimination of toxins from the facial nodules and neck, helping to remove face swelling and under-eye bags;
  • More defined facial contours, also known as the v-shaped face that everyone wants to have;
  • Releases all the tension in your facial muscles, which erases your frowning wrinkles like “elevens” between your eyebrows and the smile lines;
  • Firmer skin with fewer wrinkles;
  • A radiant and even skin, due to improved blood circulation and oxygen supply to the cells.

With so many promising benefits, it is not surprising that facial massage is so popular in spa and beauty salons. There are several massage techniques such as shiatsu, classic, or one to boost lymphatic drainage, each one of them aimed at solving a specific facial concern. And this can be done with tools or hands by applying oils and massage cream on the face to ease the gliding effect.

Facial massage can be done at any age and is recommended for both men and women. Moreover, there is even a special facial massage for babies. Isn’t that amazing?  And there is no limit and restriction on how often you can go for a facial massage. This is the case: “The more, the better!”


Face Shaping Massage –  Your Spa-Level Face Massage at Home

But it wouldn’t be great if you could benefit from your own spa-level face massage at home? And all this with no expenses and done at a time convenient for you. Face Shaping Massage was created with this in mind; an effective and safe technique, designed to be performed on your own, which will help you achieve your desired face.

The benefits of practicing this technique are numerous, from creating a V-shaped face and getting rid of eye bags to making you look younger. You can achieve a slimmer face and reduce your wrinkles by regularly practicing this facial massage.


How is Face Shaping Massage Performed? 

This technique is performed with two stone rollers, starting with the neck massage and gradually rising towards the upper part of the face. The rollers used are your own choice as the stone they are made of and price aren’t essential in order to practice Face Shaping Massage. The key is to follow certain targeted movements and continue to exercise regularly.

This massage consists of 17 steps of quick movements, each being described in detail in the eBook on Face Shaping Massage on Amazon, as well as in the PDF version. Since this massage is performed much faster than regular massage, this is a real workout for the face. That’s why, after practicing it, you will feel a nice tingling under your skin.

In order to get the best results, it’s recommended to practice this technique daily for 10 minutes. In a sitting position, whether it is morning or evening, you can massage your face after washing and applying moisturizer. Everything you apply on your face will penetrate deeper into your skin due to the massage. So why not take advantage of this too?

An excellent solution in the morning to instantly reduce eye bags or as a “quick wake up” would be to execute the directions around the eyes and nose for at least 2 minutes, with preventively cooled rollers that have been in the freezer for at least 10 minutes.

Download your copy today and start enjoying your facial at home on your journey to achieve the best version of your face.

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