Caring For Dry Skin


The secret to beautiful skin – luminous, radiant, soft and smooth – is to follow a skin care routine that’s designed with your specific needs in mind. As your face is the first thing anyone will notice, you should make the effort to ensure it’s always looking gorgeous. That’s why you’ll have to be meticulous about your skincare routine, especially when it’s dry. As dry skin needs extra attention to get it looking refreshed and radiant.


Usually, in winter many skin types will experience dryness and may need to adopt some of the tips we’ve outlined, but if you’re experiencing dry skin all year round follow these guidelines to the T and you’ll have a glowing, radiant and a bright complexion in no time.

Dry Skin 1

What Is Dry Skin?


Dry skin is characterized by a rough, usually ashy appearance. Your skin will usually feel tight after bathing even if you haven’t used any cleansers, and you’ll likely have flaking, scaling and peeling. Another tell-tale sign that you have dry skin are the fine lines or cracks that may appear, and in severe cases, cracks that may bleed.

The Perfect Routine For Your Dry Skin

Step 1: Cleanse Your Skin


Even if your skin is dry you need to cleanse it. Cleansers for drier skins will not contain alcohol and sulphates. They’ll moisturize and clean your skin, but most importantly won’t strip your skin of the moisture it already has. Often that could mean applying less cleanser and cleansing your skin in a less vigorous manner.

Step 2: Apply a Toner


The PH of your skin is 5.5 and to maintain that PH you need to apply a toner after you cleanse. With dry skin, you can’t skip this step, as you’ll find that your skin will feel irritated, rough and dry without it. A toner restores your skin to its natural PH without stripping it of moisture. What you should remember to do is to apply it sparingly – as applying it liberally will cause it to have adverse effects on the skin.

Step 3: Use A Mask As Needed


Certain masks can be used daily, but for the best results, you’ll want to use a mask that specifically moisturizes your skin and contains nourishing ingredients. You’ll apply a mask before you apply your serum and moisturizer and be sure that it’s been thoroughly rinsed off before you continue the rest of your routine.

Step 4: Apply A Serum, Followed By A Moisturizer


Dry skin needs two things to be radiant: good cleansing and proper moisture. For your dry skin, you’ll want to start by applying a hypoallergenic serum and follow it up with a moisturizer. The serum penetrates the skin and the moisturizer locks in that moisture for longer lasting results.

Step 5: Apply Sunscreen


Every day of the week, throughout the year the sun’s is out. More importantly, the sun’s harmful rays are out. You’ll see a noticeable difference over time if you apply sunscreen daily since your skin won’t be negatively affected by the UVA/UVB rays the sun emits. However, remember that you should always use sunscreen for the face that has ingredients that won’t irritate your fragile skin.

Step 6: Exfoliate (Once A Week)


Oftentimes, your skin will be drier because there are dead skin cells blocking moisture from penetrating and causing the flaking and peeling skin, as well as the ashy look you experience. For skin that’s moisturized, you’ll need to exfoliate it once a week.

Additional Tips For Moisturized, Luminous Skin

● Stay Hydrated:


Combating dry skin starts from within. Try to drink as much water as possible.


● Take Shorter Showers or Baths:


Taking piping hot showers and baths is detrimental to your dry skin, keep your showers and baths under 5 minutes, it will do wonders to your face.


● Follow Your Routine Consistently:


Be sure to follow the steps outlined in the above routine and try the recommended products for the best results.


● Pat Your Face Dry or Use Cotton Swab:


Instead of drying with an abrasive motion that will only cause your skin to dry out further, either pat it dry with your cloth so you’re not removing extra moisture or swap out your cloth for a gentler alternative – the cotton swab.