Are Facial Exercises Good or Bad for Your Skin?

Are Facial Exercises Good or Bad for Your Skin? 1

Are Facial Exercises Good or Bad for Your Skin?

Are facial exercises effective? Are Facial Exercises Good or Bad for Your Skin? Why is this controversial topic keep being discussed lately?

Nowadays, when people are more aware and more concerned about their health, the number of those who adopt a healthy lifestyle and diet has grown impressively. The same applies when it comes to grooming and beauty. We are looking for less invasive procedures to make our face look young and achieve a better version of ourselves.


Therefore, it is not surprising that a wave of various facial exercises and massages has spread on the Internet. All of these methods claim to rejuvenate your face in no time and help you look younger.

But, are facial exercises good for you? Or can they be harmful to your skin?


Pros and Cons of Facial Exercises and Massage


Facial aging is merely the result of the degenerative process that occur in our skin and the muscles underlying the skin. There are more than 50 muscles on your face and neck that lose their elasticity over time, and, unfortunately, the skin sags.


So, facial exercises are actually meant to train those loosen muscles and to tighten up the skin. On the other hand, facial exercises gained a heavy criticism from plastic surgeons, who claim that in fact those practices can deepen your wrinkles. They cite the benefits and the way the Botox works as an argument. In this case, unlike facial exercises, the muscles are relaxed and actually paralyzed.


Another important trend that has recently been followed is facial massage performed with hands or using any tools. And again, not everyone agreed with these techniques either. On one side, are those who love and practice facial massage, in order to tone the muscles and increase the lymphatic system. All of them are firmly convinced of the benefits of facial massage. They are the opposite to those who are firmly convinced that by pulling and stretching the skin, you only worsen your sagging skin, just like wearing a heavy earring for many years will make your ear skin sag.


Well, that seems like a difficult dilemma. By doing facial exercises and massages, your face and neck muscles become toned and straightened, making your face look younger and radiant. But at the same time you should be aware of the potential risk of excessively stretched skin or compressed muscles as a result of intense facial exercises that will deepen your wrinkles or make your skin even looser.


Now, being knowledgeable about the pros and cons of these techniques, when choosing a facial method to practice, you will look for those that tone the face and improve lymphatic drainage, by avoiding stretching the skin.


Why is Face Shaping a Worthy Facial Technique?


The exact method for a slim, radiant and youthful face is a facial method called Face Shaping. This revolutionary technique targets muscles and lymph nodes throughout the face and neck. It focuses on releasing the tension in the muscles by simultaneously training them, thereby firming your skin’s natural elasticity and draining the toxins from lymph nodes in the face and neck.


But Face Shaping does not just work on toning the muscles of the face, because it enhances blood circulation in your face, you get a naturally radiant look. In addition, by aiming at the lymph nodes, you reduce swelling and increase the contours of the face, which will help you to achieve the face you have always dreamed about.


All you need to start practicing this proven to work method are two stone rollers, the guide to Face Shaping, and of course, perseverance to keep exercising. There is a wide range of rollers online you can choose from, and the price will vary between $2 and $25.

Regardless of the price and quality of the rollers that you will use to practice Face Shaping, doing this constantly, you will be surprised by the results. With just 10 minutes of daily work out, your face will look younger, slimmer and radiant.

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