Caring for Aging Skin


As you age your skincare routine should change. That’s because your needs differ from when you were younger. Aging skin is naturally drier, less dense and less firm. In order to achieve the younger appearance you desire, you need to follow a routine focused on aging skin. The routine we’ve outlined here will help you get started. But before you dive in, you need to know…


Do you have aging skin?


The first signs of aging will usually be wrinkles or fine lines that appear on the surface of the skin, followed by a loss in density of the skin and sagging. Your skin may also change the texture. Meaning it could have been “normal” or “oily” before but now it’s dry. There isn’t a specific age when aging occurs, instead, it would depend on your lifestyle and genetics.

Aging Skin 1

If you’ve got aging skin, then it’s time to renew your routine inline with this new phase in your life.

1. Cleanse


Aging skin needs moisture more than anything else. While you may think that cleansing will strip away moisture, it actually prepares your skin for the moisturizer or serum you’ll apply. By removing dead skin cells, dirt, pollutants and residual makeup you’re preparing your skin to absorb the moisture you’re going to apply. But even though you’re going to apply moisturizer or serum, that doesn’t mean your cleanser needs to be drying. Since you have aging skin that’s something you want to avoid. What do you do? Use cream cleansers instead of foaming cleansers. And whatever you do AVOID SOAP.

2. Tone


Toning is a vital part of your daily routine. As it restores the PH in your skin (reducing the chances of your skin becoming irritated) and removing any excess dirt, impurities, and makeup. Toner is only effective if you apply it after you’ve cleansed.

3. Moisturize


Moisture is an aging skins best friend. So this step is imperative. You can either moisturize with a serum or moisturizer. What’s the difference you ask? Serums are lightweight as they do not include occlusive ingredients. This means they’re able to penetrate deep into the skin.

Moisturizers provide topical moisture and seal it in, so they prevent your skin from becoming dry throughout the day. Serums shouldn’t be applied on their own as you age. You want to ensure you’re sealing in the moisture they provide. Ideally, you’d apply serum then moisturizer.

4. Apply A Mask


Masks can be applied daily or once a week, depending on the mask you’re using. However, remember that your mask should always be moisturizing and not stripping your skin of its moisture. There are tons of masks available, some are formulated for everyday use and others are meant for infrequent use – perhaps once or twice a week. To reap the best effects of your masks you should apply it after you’ve cleansed and before you tone. Apply it with a brush or the necessary tools and allow the moisture to penetrate. Continue your morning or evening routine as normal.

5. Exfoliate


You shouldn’t be exfoliating every day. Doing this will instantly remove the moisture from your skin and cause it to dry out, peel and even crack. You do still need to exfoliate. Once a week is ideal. Exfoliating removes dead skins, allowing your skin to create new skin cells, which gives you a fresh, vibrant and glowing appearance.

6. Apply Sunscreen


To avoid photoaging (aging due to sun exposure) you should always apply sunscreen. Even during winter. Applying sunscreen is important because your skin will come into contact with the UVA and UVB rays the sun emits. UVA rays reach the deepest levels of the skin and cause premature aging (or accelerates the aging process). While UVB rays are known to cause skin cancer. Apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen formulated for the face and aging skin. One that has SPF 50 or higher.

Additional Tips To Get The Most From Your Routine

Remember Your Decolletage


What’s the first thing that gives away your age? Your neck. So when you’re applying your moisturizer don’t stop at the jawline. Instead, apply it to your neck and uppermost part of your chest. These are usually the first areas to develop fine lines and sagging skin.

Focus On Your Eyes


The eyes are the window to the soul and the window to your age. Always apply an eye cream targeting your specific needs. This could be dark circles, under-eye bags or fine lines and wrinkles. Whatever eye cream you choose it needs to cater to your specific needs.