6 Unconscious Habits That Can Cause Wrinkles

6 Unconscious Habits That Can Cause Wrinkles 1

6 Unconscious Habits That Can Cause Wrinkles

6 Unconscious Habits That Can Cause Wrinkles

Although you may be one of those who care about their skin and the way it looks very seriously, you still believe there might be something that’s keeping you away from your ideal face. And you are perfectly right!

Whether you are aware of it or not, some of your daily unconscious habits are harmful to your skin and make you look older. They can noticeably deepen the fine lines on your face or, even worse, cause wrinkles that you have never had before.

So, what are those habits, and how do they affect your face?


  1.     Stooping your shoulders forward

You may have heard that slouching your shoulders is a bad habit, but you did not know that it also makes you look older. Yes, there is a direct connection between your posture and how youthful your face looks.

Direct and correct posture tightens the muscles of the back of the neck and, therefore, the muscles of the forehead, which doesn’t allow them to press on the skin down. Thus, your skin will be strengthened, preventing the appearance of jaws and sagging skin.

Moreover, by adding some targeted facial exercises to your routine, your skin will become even firmer and tightened.


  1.       Frowning

Another important unconscious habit, which prematurely adds years to your face, is the common habit of frowning. You might unconsciously be doing this many times a day while you are concentrated, worried, tired or just angry.

This is exactly what Botox injections do; they help ease tension in the muscles of the face. However, you don’t need Botox for this purpose. By adding an effective facial self-massage, called Face Shaping, while diligently working on getting rid of this habit, you will enjoy a smooth and young-looking face for a long time.


  1.       Sleeping on your side or belly

If you are among those that sleep on your side or your belly, the chances are you’ll wake up in the morning with some “sleep lines” on the side of your cheek and forehead, which will usually disappear during the day.

But as you reach your 30s and your skin loses its elasticity, you will be unpleasantly surprised that these lines stick to your face for longer, and they won’t vanish from your face without some effort.

As most dermatologists advise, you can prevent this by sleeping on your back. There is a good reason why this is considered one of the beauty secrets.  And although it might take you some time to get used to sleeping in this position, it will definitely pay off by sparing you of unwanted wrinkles.


  1.       Tilting your head down while watching your smartphone

You may ask, what is the relationship between looking at your smartphone and the wrinkles on your face? However, there is a good reason to convince you to raise your smartphone every time you check it.

When you look down at the phone, the skin under the chin folds to form deep lines that disappear as soon as you raise your head back. But the repetition of this gesture will simply cause the elastin to break, and at some point, temporary folds will turn into permanent wrinkles.


  1.         Always eating on the same side

This is another unconscious habit you may have that is not only causing the wrinkles but also the asymmetry of your face. By always eating on the same side, the masseter muscle of your cheek on this side becomes more developed. This will now be the dominant side of your face.

It will be even visually larger than the other side, making your face look asymmetrical and create deeper wrinkles on one side. So, simply by alternating the sides that you eat, you can significantly change your appearance.


  1.        Pushing your cheek up with your hand while supporting your head

Even if you feel comfortable supporting your head with your hand, in the long run, it will turn into a habit that will make your face look worse. Each time you push the cheek or jaw up with your hand to support your head, you stretch your skin and damage the elastin fibers in the dermis.

It is known that elastin and collagen are responsible for the elasticity of the skin, so, as soon as they are broken, your skin loses its firmness.

Saggy skin just helps gravity pull your skin down.

Keep observing and taking notes on which of these habits you repeat throughout the day. Since these are unconscious gestures, it will take some time to get rid of them, but when you control these habits, you will be surprised at how quickly the appearance of your face improves.

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